#12 – The One year mark

One year of a marriage. The very first. Happy, sad, angry moments that nevertheless give you moments to cherish for the rest of your life.

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#11 – To let no more

A full scrutiny from head to toe, from the first packed box to the last that arrived. A whole barrage of questions ranging from how many people are going to live in this house to how many will visit, what food we eat to what food we will cook, what work we do to how... Continue Reading →

#10 – Platform no.1

Choo choo……. Ah! Trains! Those long, noisy, always full of people and empty of fresh air. But even then I prefer train travel to all other modes of travel. Why you ask? Read on. Trains are the most comfortable. Nope, not talking about those less than comfy hard rexine seats or berths. The toilets! Yes,... Continue Reading →

#9 – Staying Unfair

Dark is beautiful. No, I’m not advocating the principles of any organisation. The fair is lovely, dark is beautiful fight is far from over in India. There are people on both sides who argue with utmost optimism that their belief is upheld at all times. Mine is merely an account of my experiences based on... Continue Reading →

#8 – Crossing the Krishna

It was a cloudy day and what could one ask when just the previous day was scorching hot. Perfect weather for travel thought the husband. But the wife said it before he could. So off they went, planning to start at 10, leaving finally at 2! The 16 km drive from Vijayawada to Mangalagiri was... Continue Reading →

#6 – The one you can’t selfie

In this time and age of selfies, there is a set of pictures that you just can’t take of yourself, print and hand out. The picture that needs to be taken in a studio with bright lighting, particular background, right size and perfect looking. The passport photo. Or should I say that dreaded passport photo.... Continue Reading →

#5 My masterchef – Part 2

It can get quite challenging when I cook for my husband everyday. I’m literally in the kitchen of Masterchef  each day and he is the sole judge who often deeply critiques my work down to the last detail. With a hawk’s eye, he can tell me when I’ve burnt a dish just by looking at... Continue Reading →

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