#5 My masterchef – Part 2

It can get quite challenging when I cook for my husband everyday. I’m literally in the kitchen of Masterchef  each day and he is the sole judge who often deeply critiques my work down to the last detail. With a hawk’s eye, he can tell me when I’ve burnt a dish just by looking at it. He knows I’ve used too much ginger by just taking a whiff of the smell as I open the lid. And when he tastes the dish and says I added the rice a little too early to the simmering pot of biryani gravy, I look at him with awe and contempt, both at the same time. How does he do that??

He has a good laugh when I say I’m making ivy gourd sambhar today because whoever heard of ivy gourd in a sambhar? Or the other day when I said I’m making drumstick poriyal. With brinjal, he asked. No, just the drumstick and there was that grin again. Even the repeatedly made dishes fail to be table-ready every time and there are the rare times when they end up in the trash.

Then again, all my dishes also get better and better with the feedback I’m getting. Being an expert cook, he tells me exactly where the food lacks or how to improve upon it so I make a better version of it the next time. It hasn’t been easy what with the 43 degrees Celsius summer heat making the already hot kitchen a burning furnace!

Nowadays, it has come down to disapproving nods with just words thrown in – spicy or no salt or terrible! While the appreciation is shown in the polishing of the plate so well, it looks like it has just been washed.


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