#7 – Shifting vests and moving keychains

I was looking forward to moving from a bustling metro city to a calmer expanding town.(or so I thought until I came here) I had absolutely no qualms about moving and was in fact looking forward to it. THAT was my biggest mistake.

The husband of course started with the planning weeks earlier while I was sitting and fantasizing about my new home-to-be. It wasn’t until he left it in my hands that I realised what a big task lay ahead. It started with the take or trash list where I kept adding things to the take list and the trash remained empty. But little did I know that the trash was going to build on the day of packing.

The moving company promised to come by 9 am and we had our suitcaseIMG_20170327_110334140_HDR of valuables all packed and ready to go. The minute they got there, the feeling of letting go of my 8 month home began to sink in. There was a quick inspection of the items to pack(Maggi would have taken longer to cook!) and they began. It was quick with 5 guys, one in each room, wrapping items in their packing material and taping them up before throwing them into cardboard boxes.(My favourite perfume bottle received the same treatment and I was fuming) We were both running around making sure nothing was left out, often getting tape stuck to our feet and at other times running into each other.


The furniture and appliances packing was the easiest as the guys simply ran around the item with material and tape to make it taut and tight. (I was secretly singing ringa ringa roses in my head and chuckling to myself) I had to keep running in to make sure they didn’t pack off my one day essentials so that we could manage until we get to our new house that lay a good 5 hour drive away.

My grinder became GRANDER with their packing!

There were a lot of mix and match happening as wall hangings went in with glass tumblers and books. There were vessels going in a box and their lids in other boxes with curtains. Packing was obviously easy – just throw in random stuff into boxes until flat is empty! The unpacking is where the woes of shifting begin…


 After about 4 hours, they were done and the house was clean, okay not clean rather empty. There were 2 sacks full of trash to throw out and we were set. Until I realised that husband dearest had let them pack the one day essentials that I had so carefully kept aside. ☹

So after saying goodbye the next day, the sadness didn’t last long as excitement of the new place set in. All our stuff was unloaded at our new home and then started the unpacking, arranging(by me) and rearranging(obviously by him).

The first few days of finding things was practically like a treasure hunt. While he rummaged through one box and I another, we yelled in delight as we found what we were looking for. We even found 4 months of old newspaper that we didn’t need, neatly packed into one of the cardboard boxes!

Days after settling in and setting up our new home, we realised that he was missing brand new vests and my in-their-casing quirky keychains from Malaysia were gone too.

A month has gone by and we are still going through our items wondering – Could we be missing anything else?


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