#10 – Platform no.1

Choo choo……. Ah! Trains! Those long, noisy, always full of people and empty of fresh air. But even then I prefer train travel to all other modes of travel. Why you ask? Read on.

Trains are the most comfortable. Nope, not talking about those less than comfy hard rexine seats or berths. The toilets! Yes, they have them and no, they are not very clean. But it’s there and that makes a difference to the frequent or long distance travellers or the elderly. There’s a general rule that you don’t eat food that other passengers give you, but how many times have we crossed that line and been over friendly with others? Sharing is caring after all! (Toilets and food in the same paragraph, not a good order to follow when you think about it!)

There have been a few things likeable (read unlikeable) about these train travels.

  1. The grumpy lady

The lady who refuses to exchange her seat so that you can sit together as a family. You can ask her gently, plead with her but she just won’t budge.

  1. The old show-off

The old man who starts talking to you about the food on the train, the headlines of the day, all about himself and his achievements in life till date. Even acting like you dozed off is not an option as he will simply continue on knowing fully well that you’re faking.

  1. Magazine raiders

So at the railway station, along with the hot cup of coffee, you bought a few magazines to while away the time on board? Think again. Our friend the magazine raider is on the prowl once on board and simply ‘borrows’ magazines off people who haven’t yet had the chance to even open the book! And of course, it never comes back.

  1. Entertaining (or not so entertaining) children

In the midst of the chug chug of the train, you hear a minute of not-so-normal sounds that go jhujung chuck and your heart skips a beat. But just a beat as a little child screams ‘Trainku ennamo aaga pogudhu!’ (Meaning something is about to happen to the train) And you can hear people laughing at themselves for that split second fear.

  1. The gloomy, silent watchers

Ever had people watch you all the time? It happens on trains where a complete stranger is watching your every move. Are you in trouble? Is he from the CBI maybe? No. Just those low-spirited people who revel in the joy(silently of course) of watching random people squirm in their seats and look away.

  1. The loo blockers

You have been told not to gulp down the whole bottle of juice but you did so anyway. And you rush to the loo only to find its in use. So you wait….. and wait…. The loo blockers take their own sweet time to finish their business (which may or may not include other activities like smoking and drinking) and come out from a stinky room after a good half hour.

  1. Luggage space fillers

So you decided to dump all your clothes and essentials into just one big fat suitcase and travel light? Good for you because good luck in getting space for your luggage when these people are here. They are the ones who pack their homes and move everything with them wherever they travel. Every nook and cranny of the compartment is full and you just might have to use the empty top of the train for your luggage!

  1. Empty charge

With all the internet usage, your phone is probably dying right now. Every plug point that you see on the train has a mobile phone on charge and there’s even a queue for who gets to plug it in next! (You should have bought that power bank when it was on sale last month)

So, do you have any interesting train incidents / met any quirky people on a train journey?

Do share in the comments section below.


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