#11 – To let no more

A full scrutiny from head to toe, from the first packed box to the last that arrived. A whole barrage of questions ranging from how many people are going to live in this house to how many will visit, what food we eat to what food we will cook, what work we do to how long we plan to work. (Thankfully our retirement plans were not questioned because we have about 50 years to go and we haven’t made any in the first place!)

I was given a full house tour by the house owner the minute I entered. But not just walking around. I was given a paper in hand that had a list of ‘fittings ’ in the house that included every single bulb, exhaust fan and even curtain rod! The owner can of course give his ‘gyan’ on how to operate any newfound technology that he has had installed in his home. But to have every switch turned on and off to show working condition was a bit much. And much more was the fact that the list had ’11 watt CFL Bulb’ and the likes on it. All to be returned to him at the time of vacating in the same condition, now how’s that possible? I live in complete darkness?!?

One weird thing about the house was there was no fan! None! Why? The owner’s explanation was “that’s how it is done here!” Is it the influence of movies where they show people committing suicide hanging from their fans? Or maybe it’s just to let us have the true feel of the climate in the new place right in the middle of a scorching summer at 47 degrees!

The owner also gave me a full schedule of when the front window net is to be removed and cleaned and when the balcony window net needs cleaning. There was even a demonstration of how to remove them! It is after all highly technical rocket science and needs extensive training.

As he opened the different cupboards in the house, the owner mentally arranged all my things in them for me. In the kitchen, the big frying pan goes on the 2nd shelf on the left. In the bedroom, the extra bedsheets go on the extreme right top shelf. All this, even before we had unpacked a single item.

Vaastu, apparently played a major role in his home’s construction and we were given an hour long lecture on which direction is good for sleeping, eating and whatnot. The third bedroom that he built was in the eesanya moolai according to Vaastu shastra and therefore should not keep heavy items or have water draining out. So the bathroom is not really a bathroom but a room with a tap while the room itself is not a store room but a room that is to be left empty. But we still have to pay rent for it, mind you. Its Vaastu compliant – therefore highly, scientifically helpful by just being there.

This experience has taught us (and hopefully you) what to expect from a house owner. Or rather to expect the unexpected. Happy house hunting!


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