#6 – The one you can’t selfie

In this time and age of selfies, there is a set of pictures that you just can’t take of yourself, print and hand out. The picture that needs to be taken in a studio with bright lighting, particular background, right size and perfect looking. The passport photo. Or should I say that dreaded passport photo.... Continue Reading →


#5 My masterchef – Part 2

It can get quite challenging when I cook for my husband everyday. I’m literally in the kitchen of Masterchef  each day and he is the sole judge who often deeply critiques my work down to the last detail. With a hawk’s eye, he can tell me when I’ve burnt a dish just by looking at... Continue Reading →

#4 – My Masterchef – Part 1

I can’t start to tell you the worries of a wife whose husband is a terrific cook. Any time he has that passion for cooking up something stirring in him, there follow the orders. Its like being in a professional chef run kitchen – I need 3 onions cut lengthwise in 2 minutes. Where are... Continue Reading →

#3 – Monuments – History or ‘His story’?

Priya loves Rahul. Prem loves Anu. What wonderful history we learn from our heritage monuments? Apart from the absolutely marvellous facts about old conserved buildings in our country, we also learn about the intimate personal life histories of people who visit the place decades, why even centuries later. They never cease to amaze, these literary... Continue Reading →

Groom encounters

The ‘marriageable age’ brings about a line of suitors with their whole jingbang family in tow visiting a prospective bride’s home.  Some lines can be short and some lines tend to go around the corner and cross a few streets. Just wanted to share a few of my meetings with those who were in line.... Continue Reading →

Power (of) Paandi

A 7 hour long train journey that I had to sit through and I started mentally preparing myself for the boring and noisy commute ahead. The window seat is a saviour to lone passengers like me, for the lack of company is made up for, by the passing sceneries. Hardly an hour into my journey... Continue Reading →

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